Welcome To Majura Women's Group

Want to get some 'you' time, learn something new or relax and connect with other mothers?

We are a unique group for mothers with children under 5 that offers childcare facilities while you get to enjoy some adult time.

We hold a variety of activities throughout the school term such as craft projects, exercise sessions, personal development and well-being workshops. We are here for our members and develop our term plan based on your input!

Testimonials From Our Members 

I have been attending Majura Womens Group regularly for over a year now, and have made many amazing friends.  I really value the time to sit and talk with other women, and to get to know others in my community who are at the same stage of life to me and understand both the struggles and joy of life with young children.  Each week I learn something new and am inspired by our different activities. They help nurture my creative side, that I often otherwise don't have time for.  Having these few hours a week of 'me' time is really valuable to me. Time where I don't have to chase after a wayward toddler, and can just relax, knowing that she is having as much fun as I am.

Thank you Majura Womens Group! I wish I had known this fantastic group had existed when I first came to Canberra from Sydney in Jan 2017. I found out about this group from a friend and have been attending regularly since term 3 2018. It is a group and a time that breaks up my hard week looking after my 2 children, 4 years and 23 months. I look forward to the few hours I have without my kids and doing an activity, that otherwise I would have not had time for. It gives my mental sanity. I have made more friends and now feel that Canberra is home to me. This would not have been possible without this group's existence. Please support this group and allow it to continue. It is a god send for mothers with young children in Canberra. 

Thank you Majura Womens Group! I with I had discovered  this group sooner - having really struggled with my mental health during pregnancy, I was worried about experiencing postnatal depression, but this group is such a great community - it breaks the week up and it's so nice to be able to come and try so many new activities & have a break from being a mum for a couple of hours! It's rare to find the opportunity to concentrate on doing something for myself these days - & I find the activities really mindful & often feel inspired to carry on with new ideas at home. What a valuable resource this group is. I really love coming here. 

I've been attending Majura Womens Group for only 5 weeks now, but I find it really helpful for any mother of little kids. I find all women in the group to be friendly, kind, talkative and welcoming. Every week, we get to do a new activity, we get a break from everyday mummying, and a well deserved cuppa. I've learned a lot from the crafts and the women in the group. The attached childcare is the best I've experienced so far, the girls really CARE for the kids, and treat them great, they are super nice!I'm really grateful to have found this kind of group and I hope it never ceases to exist! I think there should be more of them around and more often. My Wednesdays have changed for better! Thanks!

The Majura Women’s Group is a wonderful community initiative run by volunteers to give mothers with young children space to be creative, learn new skills and have enriching self development opportunities. It’s been such an important outlet for me to have some rare time out to myself and catch up with other lovely mums over a cuppa. 

I am a first time mother with a little girl, living in Lyneham. I don't have much family support here in Canberra and have been greatly appreciating the chance to spend Wednesday mornings connecting with other mothers and having a little bit of space from being responsible for my baby. Everyone at the Majura Womens' Group has been warm and welcoming and the carers have taken good care of my baby - whenever I have checked on her she has been happily playing and I have been able to relax. I also appreciate the nice selection of activities

Majura Women’s group is a fantastic organisation! Having moved to Canberra for my husbands work with no friends or family nearby Majura Women’s group has been an excellent way as a stay at home mum to have a few hours break from my baby whilst i enjoy being creative and connecting with other mums. It’s so nice to meet other mums in a friendly, welcoming environment with my baby just next door looked after in a safe, caring environment.