Do I have to book or call ahead if I want to come along?

No, just come along whenever there’s a session on. You’re welcome to come along and see if you’re interested without becoming a member straight away. After attending the group twice, you will need to become a member. Membership is $10 for the current calendar year, and a gold coin donation is requested each week towards the activity and childcare costs.

What happens at a session?

To see what sessions are coming up, check the current Program.

We start our Wednesday sessions at 9.30am. This allows time for us all to settle our children into childcare, set up, sign in and make a cup of coffee. The activity itself begins at 10.00am.

We finish at 12.15pm (or a little earlier on art days) to allow time for packing up and cleaning the activity room. Children are required to be collected from childcare by 12:30pm.

We all share the job of cleaning the room, vacuuming, stacking the chairs and putting away the tables. If you are not sure what you can do to help, please ask!

What kind of sessions do you have?

Every year we have a wide range of visiting speakers and activities to enrich us physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively. The group plans out future sessions together, so if there is something you would like to do in future, let us know! Check out our Instagram┬áto see some of the things we’ve made!


We are based at the Downer Community Centre at Frencham Place Downer. There is parking outside the hall. We are on the right side of the courtyard. The first room is the childcare room and the second room is where we hold our sessions.

Childcare Arrangements

We have fun and quality childcare available where your children can be looked after while you enjoy the activity. You are welcome to have babies in with you during the session, however we request that mobile children over 9 months of age utilise the childcare facilities to ensure their safety (we often use hot glue guns, irons etc, and have an urn for tea/coffee in the room), and so that other members can enjoy some much needed child-free time.

Our experienced childcare workers from Ranstad are available each session at a subsidized cost. The cost is currently a gold coin donation per family per session.

The childcare space is in the room next door to our meeting room, and the children are kept busy with a range of activities. Play dough, painting and the sand pit are really popular! The childcare team does a fantastic job looking after all those busy kids, however as it is considered an ‘adjunct’ child care, you are ultimately responsible for your child. This means if your child becomes unsettled, you may be asked to go next door and soothe them.

Please bring the following things for your child when attending the childcare:

  • A healthy (nut-free)snack for morning tea.
  • A sun hat for outside play.
  • A labelled water bottle.
  • Spare nappies or underwear. Please ensure your child is wearing a fresh nappy before starting the session.
  • Please ensure that your child has sunscreen applied before leaving them in childcare.